Saturday, August 1, 2009


NAIL V is a multimedia publication contained in an envelope, put together by the curatorial group NAIL. Participating artists include: Mara Baldwin, James Benning, Allie Bogle, Melanie Farley, Michael Fox, and Lex Vaughn/ Peanut Brittle. Part of the project is posted online at

NAIL is a group of curators focused on experimenting with exhibition forms in a workshop setting, the results of which are shared with the public in a variety of venues. NAIL 1,
Home Sweet Home, took place in October as an apartment show, engaging ideas of personal and private space. NAIL 2, Surrounding Area, took the form of a walking tour, divulging to participants details about a little-known area in San Francisco. NAIL 3, Out of Order, took place in a more traditional gallery setting, but our concept was all but traditional; we chose artworks through the “Exquisite Corpse” method developed by the Surrealists. For our fourth project, we were invited by independent curator Jan Van Woensel to curate an email exhibition in conjunction with his show Bad Moon Rising 3 at Boots Contemporary Art Space in St. Louis; every day for two weeks in January, viewers received an email containing an artwork. NAIL V was our most recent project. It began as a response to philosopher Boris Groys' essay, “The Loneliness of the Project.”

NAIL is: Jacqueline Clay, Nicole Cromartie, Courtney Dailey, Emily Gonzalez, Jacqueline Im, Kristin Korolowicz, Sharon Lerner, Katie Morgan, MarĂ­a Elena Ortiz, Arden Sherman, Joanna Szupinska, and Josephine Zarkovich. You can contact us at

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