Monday, December 8, 2008

Out of Order - Artists

Join NAIL for an artist reception on Thursday, December 11, 6-9pm.
Out of Order includes work by the following artists:

Jamin An
Lives and works in Virginia

Joanna Bielski
b. 1976 in Warsaw, Poland
Lives and works in Los Angeles

Alicia Escott
Born in Boston
Lives and works in San Francisco

Cynthia Ona Innis
b. 1969
Lives and works in Oakland

Dustin Kelly
b. 1977, Iowa
Lives and works in San Francisco

Jaime Lakatos
Lives and works in Oakland

Tara Mateik
b. 1974
Lives and works in New York

Hilary Pecis
b. 1979
Lives and works in San Francisco

Sun Ra
b. 1914 on Saturn
d. 1993 in Birmingham

Johnny Rogers
b. 1983
Lives and works in Baltimore

Kevin E. Taylor
b. 1972 in Charleston
Lives and works in San Francisco

Elena Tejada
Born in Lima, Peru
Lives and works in Miami

Jan Van Woensel
b. 1975 in Antwerp, Belgium
Lives and works in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

Jenifer Wofford
Lives and works in San Francisco

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Out of Order - Installation

Out of Order opens on Tuesday, December 9th at PLAySPACE Gallery on the San Francisco CCA Campus.

Please join us for a reception on December 11th, 6-9pm.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Out of Order

An exhibition by NAIL

1111 8th Street, San Francisco
December 9-11, 2008, 3-7pm
Reception: Thursday, December 11, 6-9pm

NAIL is pleased to present Out of Order, a group exhibition at CCA's PLAySPACE gallery. PLAySPACE will host an artist reception on Thursday, December 11 from 6-9pm. The exhibition includes thirteen emerging and established artists. As a model, NAIL borrowed the Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse. In response to only the preceding artwork, each member of NAIL, in turn, invited one artist to contribute a piece to the exhibition. Fractured landscapes, unearthly nature, and dark humor emerge in the selected artworks. Out of Order includes work in a variety of media and sizes; many are shown here for the first time.

Chosen in response to the premise of the Exquisite Corpse game, Jamin An's multi-media piece addresses the dynamics of one-on-one interaction, in personal and public space. Elena Tejada’s video documents a series of performances that push the boundaries between private and public space, raising questions of femininity and modernity. Camille and Jenifer Wofford's video documents the creation of the corresponding painting, a collaboration between the two sisters. Tara Mateik's music video humorously interprets the gender issues socially embedded in the mythos surrounding Peter Pan and Michael Jackson. Kevin E. Taylor's work adds a comic twist to the tradition of battle scene painting. The overly stimulating video collage by Johnny Rogers combines imagery and sounds from nature and outdated video games. Hilary Pecis creates layered landscapes through collage, manipulating advertisements and abstract elements into environments. Joanna Bielski's delicate triptych refers to maps and natural landscape through the use of intricately placed, mass-produced plastic beads. Cynthia Ona Innis' work depicts a vivid and bleak landscape, glowing red with the aftereffects of what might be an industrial or natural disaster. A 49-minute soundscape by the well-known jazz musician Sun Ra greets visitors with a disquieting alien composition. Dustin Kelly's massive, sculptural collage combines cuttings from discarded comic books to produce a visual mosaic of disjointed figures. Through craft, Jaime Lakatos' work playfully comments on the spoils of hunting as decoration. Alicia Escott in collaboration with Jan Van Woensel, will unveil a new installation of objects made specifically for Out of Order.

NAIL is a group of curators focused on experimenting with exhibition forms in a workshop setting, the results of which will be shared with the public in a variety of venues. NAIL:1 took the form of an apartment show, and NAIL:2 was a walking tour. NAIL is: Jacqueline Clay, Nicole Cromartie, Courtney Dailey, Emily Gonzalez, Jacqueline Im, Kristin Korolowicz, Sharon Lerner, Katie Morgan, MarĂ­a Elena Ortiz, Arden Sherman, Joanna Szupinska, and Josephine Zarkovich, and for Out of Order, special guest curator Jan Van Woensel. For futher questions you may email

Saturday, November 22, 2008

NAIL 2: Surrounding Area

Thanks to all who came to NAIL 2: Surrounding Area. Here are some pictures from the tour. Please stay tuned for news on our upcoming exhibition in December!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

NAIL 2: Surrounding Area

For immediate release:

NAIL 2: Surrounding Area
Friday, November 14, 2008
5-7 p.m.

California College of the Arts' curatorial collective, NAIL, is pleased to present a new mobile, site-specific exhibition, NAIL 2: Surrounding Area. This one-night only event will take the form of a guided walking tour through CCA's San Francisco campus and local neighborhood. The five brief stops along the tour will include local artistic and historical destinations of varying scale and structure - visible and invisible, past and present. Special guest speakers and members of NAIL will show hidden sites of cultural production in the neighborhood, from the former sandy shores of the San Francisco Bay to The Double Play, a pub near the site of the demolished Minor-League Seal Stadium.

The 5pm tour will commence at CCA's main building on 1111 8th Street and will continue for 1.5 miles ending at 16th and Bryant. Surrounding Area is designed to create a site- and time-specific interaction among the guides, audience, community and destinations. The tour will foster conversation and an exchange of information about overlooked and under-recognized places, themes, and projects of the CCA campus and surrounding neighborhood.

For more information please visit or email us at

Keep in mind Surrounding Area is an outdoor walking tour lasting about two hours. Please dress accordingly.

Friday, October 10, 2008

NAIL 1 Cancelled

We are sad to announce that NAIL 1 is cancelled for bureaucratic reasons. We tried to get around it, but after a lot of back and forth with the school, we have been forbidden from using the faculty apartment for events. We are looking into alternate spaces. (If you have any suggestions, let us know!) Please continue checking the site for updates and the announcement of NAIL 2.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

NAIL: 1: Home Sweet Home

This inaugural project takes over CCA's visiting artist apartment with objects culled from the homes of each of the curators. Installed or enacted in the house, each intervention aims to transform the anonymous IKEA-furnished space into one full of activity and everyday objects that will come together haphazardly, much like the curators, each with their own agendas and ideas. This exhibition is focused on the process of pulling objects/actions together, learning about each other's affinities and interests. In sharp contrast to the idea of the 'invisible hand' of the curator, this project is wholly bound to the identities of the participants; their activity is the only 'art' to witness.

HOME SWEET HOME may include:
books, table setting, food, hair, clothes in closet, dog, refrigerator ephemera, postcards, magnets, audio, video, charms, letters, stickers, papers, dart board, vases, flowers, fabric, sewing machine.

HOME SWEET HOME is the first in a series of projects that aim to facilitate group development: getting to know one another and the group as a whole by developing several concrete exhibitions/presentations of ideas.


NAIL is a collaboration of the Curatorial Practice students at California College of the Arts. NAIL (which stands for "Not Always In Location), provides us an avenue to experiment with exhibition forms.

Please check out our blog for updates on future exhibitions and news.